Living Saviour Lutheran Preschool

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19 May 2018 | 11:00 am - 02:00 pm

Want to see some beautiful parrots up close? Want to watch them preen with their beautiful feathers?
Want to hear the wonderful songs you like on K-Love Christian radio played live on the front lawn of our church?

Or folk rock and old gospel tunes by our own house band – the Donovan family?

Or maybe you want to try your hand at karaoke and let others hear your singing voice?

Well, you’ll just have to join us and our friends from all over the neighborhood at Countdown to Summer III on May 19. The fun lasts from 11 AM to 2 PM!!!  Or better yet! Volunteer to help children make crafts or search for goodies in a rice bowl or play a round of corn hole. You can volunteer for 15 minutes or an hour. We have lots of opportunities that suit the interests of all our adults and children – regardless of your age.

Countdown is a big party that we throw for ourselves and everyone in the neighborhood, and the party won’t be complete
without all the members of Living Saviour being there. Sure, kids will have a blast, but older adults will also. We really hope
this is the year when all our members come.

Did you know that right down Highway 51 in Pineville a group of volunteers operate a nonprofit parrot rescue called Parrot
University??? Some of those volunteers are bringing their birds to Countdown for us to meet and learn about.
Ever heard of Tattered Remnants? That’s a local Christian praise band, whose members have regular jobs but love to sing the
Lord’s praises on their time off. If you go to their Facebook page, you can hear how great they sound. And they are coming
to Countdown!

You can listen to Tattered Remnants and the Donovans and our own members singing karaoke while enjoying free juicy
hamburgers, hotdogs and tasty desserts. Or just sip on a snow cone or nibble on popcorn while you sit in a huge, red,
Charlotte Fire truck, MEDIC ambulance, or Charlotte and Pineville police cars. Take time to talk to the local first-responders
who protect us.

Lounge under a tent to hear the music or walk around. We have a ton of stuff to do: a giant bounce house, courtesy of our
preschool; air and water gun practice; Nerf arrow shooting; ladder golf; lawn ornament toss; penny drop; face painting;
crafts; and a play area for the youngest. Why not get your entire family’s picture dressed up in our photo booth?
Won’t you come? You’ll have fun if you just show up.

If you want to volunteer in some way, contact: Caren Ballantine or Alice Jenkins, about the food jobs; Glenda Kilminster or
Lillian Stephens about helping with games; Anita Mitchell, about crafts; Brian Powell, if you have a tent you can loan; Wayne
Thom or Art Lange, about first responder plans; and Frank DeLoache, if you have any other questions.
Countdown is a big project organized by the Outreach Ministry of our church, but it is only one of many ways that we do our
best to take the love of Christ OUTWARD to people in our community.

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